Maybe it was a nearby supernova?
— Alex in Trapped on Europa

Alex Redpine is a main character in Space Siblings.

Biography Edit

Alex was born on Europa with Nora. Abandoned after their parents' feud and left to survive on their own, these two relied more than ever on each other and on their own wits and inner resources - ones they didn't even know they had! Later, Alex tries to help Nora and Jack against Vince, but was too young. He loves to play sports and sometimes uses poor judgement, as human beings - especially the young - are prone to do at times.

In Glorious Ganymede Dive, he got more mature. His hair also got longer. Nora still tried to look out for him. Nora and Alex found out about Dylan, and since Dennis adopted them, they had confronted Dylan. They went underwater, found Dylan's base, and confronted him. They later made a deal to meet on the surface. Dylan planned to kill them, but their plan backfired. As the police were called.

In Titan Terror, he lost his arm in a fight with Sajhome after he moved to Carbon Valley with the rest of the team. Once they discovered Sajhome was hiding in the tower, they attacked him and Aex got a new mechanical arm. Alex was also the one who killed Dr. MacArthur. After Alex found that he was helping Sajhome make the videos. They took him to an old electrical tower to get some information out of him.

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Nora Edit

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Nora and Alex have a complicated relationship. Nora can be bossy at times but she is just overly-protective of her beloved brother and slow to accept his growing capabilities as he matures and gains strength as an athlete. Nora sometimes gets too caught up in doing things according to procedure and "the rules," which can inhibit the creative possibilities and sometimes annoy her imaginative little brother.

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  • He loves football. He is also a picky eater.
  • His first word was "Alex."

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