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Dylan Dark is a character in Space Siblings.

Biography Edit

Dylan Dark is an antagonist in Space Siblings. He went to the Secvin Lest Science Center with Dr. Evers.

As a kid, Dylan loved to build things. He built his own robot at the age of four. He was sent to college by eleven. He was a very kind boy and wanted to help the world.

In college, his parents were killed in a gas leak. He blamed the police for the death. He did not commit any crimes toward the police.

He decided to move to anymore to become a bounty hunter. While hiding at the Science Center as a fake.

When he and his crew plotted to kill Judy, Nora and Alex stepped in.

He was shot during a police raid.

Later, it was revealed he survived the encounter. Sajhome revived him and went to work. He was later killed by Mira and her metal mace.

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