Judy Redpine is the mother of Alex and Nora.

Biography Edit

Born into a very rich family, Judy Redpine was doted upon in her early years by adoring parents, both of whom were doctors. But she was compelled to learn to fend for herself and motivated to work toward higher goals of self-sufficiency at the tender age of 10, when both parents died of a mysterious plague that they had worked very hard to help eradicate.

However, as a vivacious and kindhearted child, she was soon adopted. Her dreams and ideas were warmly encouraged by her foster parents. They supported her avid fascination with Geology, which she studied in high school and pursued as her area of study in college.

The study of geology also brought Judy and her future husband Calvin together. Soon their common area of specialty -- Space Geology -- became the focal point of their intellectual passions. And so they decided to move to Europa and not much later they gave birth to their children, Alex and Nora.

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